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Liverpool, NY (30Jul08)

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Hi Everyone,

It was another long day … 95.6 miles!

Luckily for us it was an overcast, yet, a dry day!

We rode along the Erie Canal on a state provided bike trail … it was very beautiful (see pix)

I enjoyed today … I was able to ride with Lauren and Denise who our are a couple of our fastest cyclists!

They took compassion on me … especially, on the rollers and hills!

You can see the pix … at:–%20Liverpool%20NY/

Larry F.

Henrietta, NY (29Jul08)

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Well, we made it safely to Henrietta, NY, a total of 92 miles for me … because we had to ride to a local bike shop which added a few miles to the original 80+ miles!

It was a beautiful day … no rain … and not too hot!

I rode with Chris and Shirley (from the UK) and it was a pleasant ride!

Not too many pictures taken today … yet … you can check them out at:–%20Henrietta%20NY/

Chris and I tried to save a turtle … but … he already looked like he was done for!

Larry F.

REST DAY, Niagara Falls, NY (28Jul08)

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Today was a fantastic rest day, I woke up early and had breakfast!

I then went on the “All American Adventure Tour” on the U.S. side of the Falls!

This consisted of seeing or visiting the following:

Whirlpool State Park, American Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Lower Rapids, Giant Whirlpool, Goat Island, Luna Island, Upper Rapids, Control Dam, Terrapin Point, Prospect Point, Three Sisters Island, NY State Observation Tower and I finished it off with a “heliocopter ride” over the Niagara Falls!

It was amazing … and … I should warn you ahead of time … I took lots and lots of pix of the Falls!

So if you don’t like pix of awesome gallons (on some falls it was 10,000 gallons per second, on other falls, it was 60,000 gallons per second, and on the big falls, it was 660,000 gallons of water per second … of rushing water over the Falls … please, if you’re not impressed by that much water … don’t go check out the pix at:–%20Rest%20Day%20Niagara%20Falls%20NY/

Some of pix were underneath the falls, beside the falls, even with the falls, from on top of the falls, and finally from the heliocopter … looking down on … the Falls and the RIVER!

Wow!  All I can say is … what an incredible tour!

Now back to reality … tomorrow, we will starting riding again (80+ miles) … the good news is … we only have 7 riding days left!

To my friends and co-workers at NWC … thanks a million for the incredible blood drive that you held … 29 units drawn out of 35 attempts!  Great job!  A special thank you to all the DONORS … you are the best!  Giving Blood really does save LIVES!

Larry F.

Niagara Falls, NY (27Jul08)

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Hi Everyone,

We made it to Niagara Falls … a ride of 73 miles!

Another amazing day on the road … without rain!

Check out the pix at:–%20Niagara%20Falls%20NY/

What can I say about the ride from Brantford, Ontario … into … Niagara Falls?

It was a beautiful ride with good weather and lots of eventful “Kodak” moments … a drawbridge experience, a time trial experience, an incredible Niagara Falls experience, and a U.S. Customs experience!

The easiest way to explain it … check out the pix I took at the link above!

All of the cyclists seemed really happy to get back to the USA … even though we really liked Canada!

Sometime the route sheets are perfect and sometimes there are errors … yet … I must say the our staff this year have been incredible … and… are to be commended!

I remember coming to the Niagara Falls early in our marriage with my wife, Gail, and the Falls were awesome then and they are still awesome … an incredible experience!

Also today I met my roommate’s … a real sweetheart … what a delightful lady … and she has a good sense of humor!

Tomorrow is a “rest” day and I’m really looking forward to it! 

Larry F.

Brantford, Ontario, Canada (26Jul08)

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

Hi everyone,

Today was a 66 mile day!

It was an eventful day because of the “thunderstorms” … they were all around us!

And the eventual “rainstorm” finally descended upon us … forcing us to take cover in a park shelter which had a roof … and … in a Wendy’s, until the rain subsided … and we could make it to our hotel in Brantford!

We had a great dinner tonight and tomorrow we will be riding 71+ miles into Niagara Falls, USA!  We also had a birthday cake for John (our guitar playing, song singing, man) His wonderful wife sent it to him to share with the rest of us for his 58th birthday!)

Hopefully, it will be a sunny and beautiful day … because this time we have to ride across and into customs … one at a time … just like the vehicles! (I’ll let you know how much fun it is tomorrow!)

Don’t forget to check out the pix from today at:–%20Brantford%20Ontario%20Canada/

Guess what?  Only about 8 riding days left … but who’s counting? 

I’m looking forward to seeing my family and friends in the near future and I want to thank all of our donors and ABC for helping me make the Life Across America 2008 possible!

Larry F.

London,Ontario,Canada (25Jul08)

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Hi Everyone,

I made it today … 83 miles … we are now in London, Ontario, Canada!

They actually closed the bridge down for us … so the cyclists could cross the bridge in safety!

Don’t forget to check out the pix at:–%20London%20Ontario%20CA/

It was an amazing day … we all felt pretty “special” when we were able to cross the bridge on our bicycles!

There is only 10 riding days left!

I’m so thankful to be a part of this ride in 2008 …  I’ve been getting lots of feedback on the Life Across America nationwide blood drive … lots of good news!

I’ll try to keep in touch …

A special “thank you” to my son, Alex, who tried to give blood for the 1st time yesterday!  When I get back we’ll go donate a pint of blood together!

Once again … it’s hard to believe that on the 10th day of this trip … we were in Boise, Idaho … and now on the 40th day of this trip we are in London, Ontario, Canada!

Thanks to everyone for your help on Life Across America 2008!

Larry F.

Port Huron, MI (24Jul08)

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Another amazing day of riding … 89.5 miles to Port Huron.

Check out the pix for today and last night at:–%20Port%20Huron%20MI/

Some of the pix are from the 50th birthday party for Miss J … and … also from the cleaning party of the bikes!

We are now at the Port Huron bridge which takes us into Canada tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning, they are closing down the bridge to allow all of our cyclists to ride together into Canada, we are going to be led by Joanna … who is from Ontario, Canada!

Hopefully, I’ll get some amazing pix for you tomorrow morning … and… during the rest of the day to London, Ontario, Canada … which will be another 81 mile ride!

Not much to say at this time … the pix should say it all!

Larry F.

Birch Run, MI (23Jul08)

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Today was a 79 mile ride to Birch Run, MI!

It was a good day and went had a couple of detours … one was a bridge out … so it took us about 4 miles longer to finish.

We are staying at a Comfort Inn … and I’m not sure their server will hold out so I’m trying to do the blog 1st!

Again, I didn’t take many pix today … I rode with several different cyclists today and it was a good day for me!

You can check out the two pix I took today at:–%20Birch%20Run%20MI/

Interesting note:  Another cyclist named Larry (not with this ride) but very interested in doing it with ABB next year … came out and rode the last 15 miles with us … as we came into town!  He was a very strong cyclist and shouldn’t have any problem doing it next year!

Thanks to everyone who’s shown an interest in Life Across America!

Especially America’s Blood Centers and their employees and the Foundation(FABC) who believed in Life Across America 2008, from the start!

It’s hard for me to believe that this whole incredible ride will be over on 4Aug08 … what an amazing thing!

When you take 56 total strangers and put them together (day and night) for 50 days … an incredible thing happens … they become like one big extended family!

And the real “you” whatever that may be … comes out!

You can’t hide it because we’re all doing things that takes us to our maximum at any given moment!

It’s fun!  It’s exhilirating!  It’s scary!(can I make it through just one more day!)  It tests your ability and your stamina!  It tests your endurance! It tests your ability to deal with people who may or may not like you!

And what you find out is that all of us can do more than we ever dreamed of … and that’s a good thing!

Larry F.

Mt. Pleasant, MI (22Jul08)

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Today was a very long day … 114 miles … from Ludington, MI to Mt Pleasant, MI.

It was a cooler day … with the threat of “thunderstorms” all day long … however … they didn’t develop until we were into town … and then it rained on us. (Yet, it didn’t “pour” down on us!

Once I got in … I was able to shower and then elevate my feet and  ”ice” my legs, also able to go to dinner, do some laundry, finally!

Sorry, I didn’t take many pix today … I guess I was focused on finishing our last “long” ride for this trip!

This rest of the rides will be in the 70′s and 80′s, if you call an 80 mile bicycle ride short!

It’s always nice to get your comments … thanks Kaisa … for letting everyone know about the need for blood!

It’s hard for me to believe that this is Day 37 … out of 50 days!  Wow … the earlier days seem like an “eternity” away!  (I’m sure glad I took a lot of pix and wrote the blog … otherwise … it would be really hard to remember all the really neat memories!)

I’ve met some really amazing people on this ride … and… Lake Michigan is incredible! (It feels like the Bay Area!)

Another interesting thing about this trip … is that it’s going on at the same time as the Tour de France!

However, they’re only doing 23 days! (Yes, I know they’re a lot faster, climbing a lot steeper, and getting a lot more press coverage… yet … in it’s own way … the Across America North/Life Across America … is our own little Tour de America!)

OK, enough of  the “dreaming” part … time to focus on tomorrow’s 75 mile ride!

 You can check out the pix at:–%20Mount%20Pleasant%20MI/

Thanks for your interest,

Larry F.

Ludington, MI (21Jul08)

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Hi Everyone,

What a neat day!

Lots of firsts for me … 1st time on Lake Michigan … 1st time on a Car Ferry Ship!

Check out the pix … lots of them today at:–%20Ludington%20MI%20Ferry%20Ride/

We viewed the ship, we sang and John played guitar for us, Dan made up lots of songs about cycling which we sang!

Another ship mate played mandolin with John while we

Another ship crew mate played the accordian with John while we sang lots of songs … the accordian player played very well and lots of polka music!

Basically what I’m saying it was a lot of fun today and at one time we had about 40 people watching and singing with us!

Check out the pix at:–%20Ludington%20MI%20Ferry%20Ride/Pix%20on%20ship/

Larry F.