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Santa Rosa, CA (13Mar10)

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

“Give Blood … Give Life”   Always remember that the “gift of life” is a gift that truly comes from your heart!

Another good training day … it was really cold early in the day(for this area) and then the sun came out and  it warmed up a lot, turning it into a nice day for riding.

I ended up with 61+ miles and felt really good.  (It was really good to be back on the bike after all the “rain storms”, but I’m not complaining.)

It takes lots of planning, logistics, phone calls, emails, etc. to get this big a project moving forward.  (And without the Washington D.C. planners it would be much harder to implement, so thank you ABC!)

As we move closer to summer, we are gradually easing into the “deadline” stages of planning the LAA 2010 part of the trip. (Phase 1 and 2)

There are more and more deadlines, contacts, returned phone calls, and lots of emails.

The “test batch” of LAA 2010 Jerseys for the local area have been designed and ordered, we’ll see if they look as good on us as they did on the design. (Probably losing a few more pounds would help, eh?)

Don’t forget the reason we’re doing this ride. ( To encourage potential blood donors to give blood, because when you give blood you give life to others who need a second chance.)

I’ve had lots of contacts with several blood centers throughout the U.S.  (These are amazing people who dedicate their lives to helping “donors” give blood to save lives.)

I’m looking forward to meeting many of them at the annual meeting for ABC  which is coming up in the near future.

I’ll check in later.

Santa Rosa, CA (8Mar10)

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Another amazing training day in Sonoma County, CA.

Very windy, yet nine of us showed up for a practice run of the upcoming “Ride and Donate” 40 miler in April.

I ended up with 46 miles because I had left my gloves at a rest stop in Sebastopol and about 3 miles down the bike path, remembered and then had to ride back, pick them up, and hurry up to try to catch up with those who don’t have “old timers” memory lapse.  Luckily I had a “tailwind” making it a successful endeavor.

I want to thank my fellow training cyclists who are kind enough to share their time with me and give me all kinds of cool suggestions on how to become better.

Each one of them are amazing individuals, not only as cyclists, but also in their private lives with many incredible and successful life experiences.

It is always an immense pleasure to hear their life experiences of challenges, adversities, triumphs, ups & downs, how they overcame them, and what they learned about life along the way!

Probably the most incredible thing about this particular group of cyclists is their “sense of humor”, it makes for an enjoyable and fun time of exercise and camaraderie.

And we get to experience the back roads of Sonoma County together, sharing with each other, some of the most beautiful, panoramic views from the valleys to the top of the mountains.

Today it was our great luck to share the vision of huge fields of mustard plants all “gold” in color with huge Oak trees standing in the middle of the fields.

Windy or not, it was still beautiful and we often comment on how lucky we are, to be able to ride 50 miles in any direction, surrounded with such immense beauty.

Also before I forget it, I want to send out great healing thoughts to an amazing lady who is in the hospital for a day or two.

I want her to know that she is missed sorely by her fellow cyclists and we will be glad when she’s all recovered and back riding with us because she is one funny lady, who always sends out very positive energy and makes “everyone” feel welcome.

I’ve personally learned a lot from her about how to make new people feel comfortable with new friends almost immediately.

Please get well quick!  We miss you!

Until we talk again,


Santa Rosa, CA., (6Mar10)

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Another day that I’m grateful to be alive.

I woke up late today and missed all the social training rides this morning and decided to ride by myself.

I missed riding yesterday with the Friendly Friday cyclists who are always willing to put out the “welcome mat” for new and returning cyclists.

Just returned from a 50 miler and guess what … it didn’t rain today.

It was a gorgeous day, kind of windy yet that’s really good for training.

I want to thank Janice and Michael, SRCC, SCBC, Brett and the gang at the Trek Store, and the BBR team for all the work they are doing setting up a blood drive for 17Apr10 at BBR.

It’s going to be a great day for the community and the Blood Bank … stay tuned for updates.

5Mar10 Friday, Santa Rosa, CA.

Friday, March 5th, 2010

It has been an amazing week.  Lots of projects started, lots of projects finished.

It’s amazing how much help LAA 2010 is receiving from “behind the scenes” volunteers.

I want to say a special “thank you” to those who have helped set up the website, finalized the jersey artwork, worked on the routes, and all the Blood Centers employees who have been helping us get started.

You are an amazing, compassionate group of people.

To my friends at ABC … thanks for your support.

To my friends at “In The Telling” you are an incredible team of dedicated and passionate individuals working together as a TEAM of service!

Personally, sometimes I feel like a “hamster on a wheel” yet I know it will be worth it when I am able to see and shake hands with “blood donors” who are just like the “blood donors” who gave the gift of life to me for an incredible 2nd chance.  Did I say “thank you” yet?

To my daughter, who will be riding across the U.S. with me this summer.   You are amazing!

To my son in Toronto  … Happy Birthday next week!

To the rest of my family … thanks for loving me and helping keep me alive!

To my grandchildren … I want to tell you that you “light up my life” … and … I want you to know that I love you!

Finally, to my newest grand-daughter … who will be with us in a couple of weeks … “I can’t wait to see you and hold you, Baby E!”

Thank you,