15Jul12, Sunday, Noblesville, Indiana

Well, the BAH bike tour to Washington DC … is over, it is finished! Yet, the “ripple effects” of this trip will continue for many months, maybe even years, depending on how much “follow up and follow through” is accomplished over the next few weeks.  As I said in a previous post … added to a picture/link … “AMAZING KIDS, DOING AMAZING THINGS!” (With the help of all the key adult leaders and supporting staff it was accomplished and everyone deserves a rich note of gratitude for their input!)  I personally learned a lot on this trip … and … I’m very grateful for the newly found knowledge and wisdom that I’ve picked up along the way.  (Especially a small tip from someone I highly respect … “1st, Recognize your differences … 2nd, then learn to Respect those differences!”)

I am now enjoying a well deserved rest time with my family and helping them move to a new job at a new location!  And I must admit, I’m really starting to enjoy this “Grandpa Thang!”  (The little ones have a unique way of loving their Grandpa, unconditionally!  What a joy it is to receive that kind of love!)

I’ve still got a long way to go to get home … with lots of stops on the way.  Yet, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to “serve” others, in the best way I know how!  (Giving Blood and Thanking Blood Donors and potential donors!)

Talk to you again … in the near future.

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