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Santa Rosa, CA (7Aug08)

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Hi Everyone,

I made it home! (After a couple of delayed flights … one out of Boston … one out of Dallas!)

It was fun visiting with family and catching up on the past two months.

My body is wondering … why is there no more 100 mile days?

Yet, I got up early and started my upper body and abs routine at 0600 hours today … just to keep the body in the right mood!

I can’t believe the amount of “unopened” mail I have to sort through … it’s a small mountain!

I called Bicycle Bob’s and he said they are working on the UPS shipments of bicycles and it looks like some of them will go out tomorrow (Friday) or on Monday.  It will then take 5 to 10 days for it to ship to California!  (Time to bring out the old bicycle and see what it can do, eh?)

Don’t forget to check out the pix for the ending at Wallace Beach in Portsmouth, NH.

It was quite an emotional ending to a 50 day trial by fire … yet … a most impressive and incredible memory for each of us in a “life experience” journal!

To each of my cycling comrades … I want to say “thank you” and let you know that each and every one of you touched my life in a special way … you are some of the most incredible, compassionate, and “driven” people I have ever met … I will always remember each one of you for something you did which personally touched & changed my life … or … for some random act of kindness you did for someone else!

50 days of incredible memories … all stored up in our memories … and captured by the journals and the pix that we took!

Thank you … for being you! (I was privileged and honored to have been a “part” of Across America North 2008 and “Life Across America 2008″)

This is a personal invitation from me to you … please keep in touch … by email or by phone!

And if you’re ever in California … I’m just 60 miles north of San Francisco on Highway 101!

And my phone number and address is in the ABB book … so … please feel welcome to come and visit us!

If you need any help … give Gail and I a call … so when can repay some of the kindness I received from you on this trip!

And don’t forget to give blood at your local blood center … it really does save lives! (As you already know by this time!)

As I uploaded and reviewed the last bunch of pix from the Wallace Beach, NH, finish … I was amazed at the undercurrent of emotions and feelings of love and respect and friendship for and from each of you. 

You all are each a truly amazing person and I was lucky to have spent 50 days of my life with you … individually and collectively … I will be a much better man, father, husband, and friend to others because of what I’ve learned from each of you!

To the rest of you (Life Across America supporters) … who have decided to take one last look at the pictures, thank you for giving me the reason to get up everyday and ride that bike to the next destination, you helped me finish by always checking on me!

To all the DONORS in America and Canada … a special “thank you” to each of you … because of the way you have “selflessly” donated the gift of life from your hearts!

YOU DONORS … are the very reason I am alive today and the reason I made it across America all the way to the FINISH … once again, I want to say thank you for my life!

And to David L Allen, Chairmen of FABC … thank you for your kind words!

And now I can finally say … WE DID IT … Whoopee!



Larry F.

P.S. the pix are at:–%20Flying%20Home%20from%20Boston%20MA/

Portsmouth, NH (4Aug08)

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Hi Everyone,

It was an incredible journey!

It was a life changing experience!

Today was my last day of “eat as much as you want” guilt-free diet!

Now back to reality!

(Still having hotel server problems … hopefully I’ll be able to upload the pix later!)

Wow!  I think I finally got the pix uploaded!

It was an incredible finish … we rode 56 miles to day and it was a bittersweet ending!

Most of all were happy it was over … yet … we will all miss the personal interactions and the friendships that we’ve earned in just 50 days!

What can I say?  I want to say “thank you” to ABB and its staff for the excellent and professional way they helped bring us to a safe conclusion of this 3630 mile ride!

A special thanks to ABC and their staff … especially Matt G … who flew up to Boston from Washington D.C. and then drove up to Manchester to make the presention!  (You are to be commended on a job well done!)

A even more special thank you to each of the blood donors in America and Canada … you really are saving lives! 

You are truly giving the “gift of life” to others … a gift that literally comes from your heart!

To my friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family … thanks for believing in me … I couldn’t have done it without you!

And to all my new cycling buddies … thanks for the many, many “pulls” you gave me … it was a thrill of a lifetime!

Also I finally discovered why I ride the way I do on the road?  “I am a tandem!”  (I go slow up the hills & I go very fast down the hills!)

That seems very simple to me!

To my wife, Gail, my daughters, Amber & Adella … thanks for being there at the end … you made my day!

To Doug Torosian … thanks for believing in me in 1996 and once again in 2008 … !


Larry F.

P.S. Check out the pix at:–%20Portsmouth%20NH%20END%20OF%20RIDE/

Manchester, NH (3Aug08)

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Guess what?  One more day!

Today we rode about 82 miles … with lots of climbing!

Pretty much similar to what we did yesterday … we descended down into Brattleboro, VT … and then this morning we had to come up out of the Hudson River Valley(?) … anyway it was a lot of climbing.

Today I was pretty much by myself … until later in the day … when I hooked up with … Mike and Carol (from Hawaii & riding a tandem bike)

It was a lot of fun for me … the climbs were “slower” and the “downhills” were much faster … we had a lot of fun! (and best of all I made it all way the way!)

Also today … Gail, Adella & Amber met me at the Comfort Inn … what a really neat treat! (I haven’t seen them for 49+ days!)

It was great “catching up” on what has been happening in their lives … and … on their 3 week cross country car trip to 25 different states!

Tonight … ABB … is having our “closing” celebration at the hotel.

It should be an incredible time for all!  It was an incredible time … Matt G. from ABC, flew up from Washington D.C. to Boston, MA., and then drove up to Manchester, NH, to present an award from ABC to me for the Life Across America blood drive!

Each of the cyclists had the opportunity to speak and talk about what they had learned from other cyclists on this trip.

They were several “skits” and quite a lot of singing done by the men, led by John Keith on guitar, singing songs and verses they had written!

I’ll catch you all … up … on the doings!  (a little later!)

Well, I finally was able to upload the pix from last night … I hope you enjoy them!

Larry F.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the pix at:–%20Manchester%20NH/

Brattleboro, VT (2Aug08)

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

Hi Everyone,

I rode 80 miles today and with lots of climbing!

We were worried all day about the rain and thunderstorms! (However, I made it in just in time, so I didn’t get soaked.)

What a pretty ride! A beautiful state! (check out the pix from today, if you want to get an idea of how spectacular the views and scenery were all day long!)

Brattleboro, Vermont, is a unique little town with lots of history attached to it!

It’s raining and pouring now … boy, am I glad I’m inside and dry!

Today I rode with Tracy for about 45 miles of climbing … Miss T … thanks for the company!

Tomorrow, we have another long day … about 86 miles… and we have to climb out of here … on our way over to Manchester.

Larry F.

P.S. You can check out the pix at:–%20Brattleboro%20VT/

Latham, NY (1Aug08)

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Today started out as an overcast, cool day and a flat tire in the parking lot.(when I was trying to put air into my front tire and it blew the stem off!)

The ride today was 76 miles long!  It had some climbing … which prepared us for tomorrow. 

It had some very long downhills! Through a very scenic, very beautiful green area! (Along the Mohawk River)

We rode along a wonderful “bike trail” for many miles.(today was a paved trail experience, very nice!)

At our last sag stop … my roommate Paul’s wife … Karen and many of his friends (see pix) set up an incredible food fest for the cyclists!

Then it was off to Latham, NY and checking in to the hotel!

Only 3 days left … Brattleboro, Manchester and then Portsmouth! (But who’s counting?)

You can check out the pix at:–%20Latham%20NY/

Larry F.

P.S. Once again … I want to thank ABC (America’s Blood Centers) for “Life Across America 2008″ and for recognizing each blood donor who have given a blood donation to help others! 

I want to say a “personal” thank you to you!  I wouldn’t be alive today without your compassion!

You are a special type of person who cares about your fellow citizens! 

Over the years … I have spoken to many blood donors and when I thanked them, they’ve always expressed their concern that they are donating blood for “someone” out there who needs their blood, yet, they never know the recipient whom it goes to … and when I say “thank you” and tell them that I’m one of those blood recipients “out there” who’s life was saved by a blood donation … just like theirs … they are visibly touched and grateful for the personal connection! (as I am!)

So, once again I’m saying “thank you” for your blood donations … because “Giving Blood Really Does Save Lives!

Also, a special thank you to all of the blood center employees who give so much on a weekly basis to help our donors, process the blood, and provide a readily available safe blood supply for all of our citizens!

Little Falls, NY (31Jul08)

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I couldn’t upload the post and the pix last night … the server at the hotel wasn’t working.

It was a great day … a day of 79 miles and a nice day … except for the 25 mile ride in the heavy downpour … which soaked a lot of us!

It was a great evening … what a pretty, scenic, little town!

I met Off Scott Beach of Little Falls, NY … police department (see pix)

We went over to Stewarts … a local ice cream parlor for some ice cream … after dinner!

Larry F.

P.S. Checkout the pix at:–%20Little%20Falls%20NY/