10Jul12, Tuesday, Fredericksburg, VA, then (Dumfries, VA)

Today we cycled 29 miles before we were rained out. It was a pretty hilly ride today, yet, it was a fun day because we really had to work hard to climb the hills and then had some amazing downhills!

We stopped for lunch at the Subway, and, had a lot of fun taking pix.

Another day of amazing escorts … and … the kids gave another incredible presentation at the BGC in Fredericksburg, VA.

This evening we all went for dinner at the “Red Robin” restaurant … it was a great meal.

So tonight is our last night of the BAH bike tour trip.  Tomorrow morning we will all meet at the parking lot in Mt Vernon and then ride to the Surgeon General’s office for our photo-op and lunch time with the Surgeon General, then after that we’ll all donate blood.

Tonight we went with the kids to the Mall and I decided to get a haircut, which seemed OK.

Talk to you tomorrow,

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