9Jul12, Monday, Richmond, VA and Ashland KOA

First thing in the morning, we were up early saying good-bye to Ed F and Laura, what a wonderful couple, who shared their homes with the BAH team … and showed us what amazing and gracious hospitality is, and how it’s supposed to be shared. A special thank you to them for being such wonderful giving people!

Today was a beautiful day to ride … it wasn’t too hot and it was kind of cloudy, which cooled things off quite a bit.  We cycled almost 40 miles, and had some really great police escorts which was a pleasant surprise in this area.  Corporals Pecca and Kennedy were outstanding as well as, the other agencies, Aux. Deputy Pate.

After riding all morning, we had some more “fun” at Chic-Fil-A restaurant (see the pix) … besides that, their chicken sandwiches are pretty darn tasty!

After lunch, Mz Brenda arranged another blood presentation for the BAH youth team at the Metro Richmond, West End unit of the Boys and Girl’s Club, Richmond, VA.  As usual, they did an outstanding job in representing their local BGC. (see pix)

Looks like there will be a “reunion” of sorts tonight, because Dan and Terri went to pick up Wendy (Dan’s wife) at the airport.

Well, that’s about it for now … only 2 days to go … amazing how quickly time flies, when you’re having fun and doing great service projects …


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