Santa Rosa, CA (13Mar10)

“Give Blood … Give Life”   Always remember that the “gift of life” is a gift that truly comes from your heart!

Another good training day … it was really cold early in the day(for this area) and then the sun came out and  it warmed up a lot, turning it into a nice day for riding.

I ended up with 61+ miles and felt really good.  (It was really good to be back on the bike after all the “rain storms”, but I’m not complaining.)

It takes lots of planning, logistics, phone calls, emails, etc. to get this big a project moving forward.  (And without the Washington D.C. planners it would be much harder to implement, so thank you ABC!)

As we move closer to summer, we are gradually easing into the “deadline” stages of planning the LAA 2010 part of the trip. (Phase 1 and 2)

There are more and more deadlines, contacts, returned phone calls, and lots of emails.

The “test batch” of LAA 2010 Jerseys for the local area have been designed and ordered, we’ll see if they look as good on us as they did on the design. (Probably losing a few more pounds would help, eh?)

Don’t forget the reason we’re doing this ride. ( To encourage potential blood donors to give blood, because when you give blood you give life to others who need a second chance.)

I’ve had lots of contacts with several blood centers throughout the U.S.  (These are amazing people who dedicate their lives to helping “donors” give blood to save lives.)

I’m looking forward to meeting many of them at the annual meeting for ABC  which is coming up in the near future.

I’ll check in later.

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