Saturday, 11Sep10, Eugene, OR, Lane Memorial Blood Bank

Blood Fact:  “What does 46.5 gallons mean to you? 46.5 gallons is the amount of blood you could donate if you begin donating at age 17 and donate every 56 days … until you reach 79 years old!”

Today I am in Eugene, OR, (after a 520 mile drive yesterday) from Stockton, CA. Not sure if it could get any better … yet … it always does! Today was INCREDIBLE … check out the photos of the ped/bike bridge dedication. Special thanks to Doug (Exec DIR) Marshall, Cathie, Chelsie, who did all the legwork to make this such a success! Thanks to all the donors and all the awe-inspiring staff… you are AMAZING!

Today was incredible … I was invited to participate in a bridge dedication (for pedestrian and bicyle traffice) over a freeway in Eugene, OR. (I was interviewed by Channel 13 TV news, a really nice guy!)

Lots of fun to be there and be a part of a huge community event like that!

Afterwards we went to Lane Memorial Blood Bank and I visited with several donors and many of the LMBB staff … it was very enjoyable and we had a blast!

This evening there is a barbeque celebration for the LMBB blood donors at a local winery!

Then I’ll get a good night’s rest and get ready for the drive tomorrow to NCCBB in Eureka … almost there!

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