Monday, 13Sep10, Eureka, CA, Northern CA Comm Blood Bank

What an incredible finish to an unbelievable summer … and … it finished in the same town and blood center that it all started in … back in 1995! (Eureka, California!)

Thank you, Tom Schallert, ABC, FABC, and all the ABC “members” who participated in Life Across America 2010. You are awesome!

Thank you to all the donors I met on this trip.

Thank you to all the participating blood centers awe-inspiring staff … you are all AWESOME!

Thank you to the ABC (Washington DC crew) … Matt, Abbey, Mack, Jim and many others who did an incredible job of keeping track of everything that was going on this summer … you are amazing!

Thank you to my friend, Jennifer Shoffner, who was our volunteer “publicist” not only for this year … but … for all the other years (behind the scenes) where she did an amazing job of co-ordinating dates, days, stops and emails.  Jen, you are one incredible lady, thanks for all you did and continue to do! (And for being a life-saving “donor” all during those years!)

Thank you to Lauren Larsen and Jeff Larsen who were directly and indirectly responsible for the amazing FABC … Public Service Announcement … to both of you and Jeff’s film crew … thanks for everything!

To all the CEO’s of the participating ABC blood centers throughout the U.S. that invited LAA 2010 to visit your centers , I want you to know how wonderful it was to see your dreams of expansion, etc. come true … as you continue to expand your efforts to make sure there is a safe and available blood supply for generations to come!

To the memory of “Jenny Eller” … your story touched my life more than you’ll ever know … and … to her father, Dean Eller, CEO of the Central CA Blood Center in Fresno, CA … I only want to say … “Keep the Faith” … and … “you are definitely on the right track”!

To my wonderful wife, Gail, thank you for believing in me … and … for carrying me when I couldn’t carry myself!  You are an amazing lady and I love you more than you’ll ever know!

To my children … thanks for being patient with me and understanding that blood donors are really a part of my life and yours!

To Jim McPhearson and Tom Schallert … thank you for believing in me … when noone else did!

To all those who followed this blog and Facebook pictures … thanks for giving me some of your positive energy and helping me to keep going when the going got tough!  I couldn’t have done it without you!

To all the donors who I had the honor and privelege to meet over the summer … I want to borrow a phrase from Jenny Eller … “thank you for letting us live!”

Until we meet again

Larry F. (Giving blood is the one gift that truly comes from your heart!”)

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