Saturday, 4Sep10, San Bernardino, CA, LifeStream

Another incredible day on the road … this time we stopped to visit the LifeStream blood Center in San Bernardino, CA.

It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed meeting, thanking and talking with the many donors who were there giving the “gift of life”.

The staff I met were some of the friendliest, open hearted people I’ve met on the trip so far … a special mention to Mary Grace who was the first person to greet us as we came into their blood center.  Mary thank you so much for your warm friendly greeting and the big  “welcome to LifeStream” smile … you are AWESOME!

A special thank you to Dr. Rick Axelrod, Piper Close, Don Escalante for the very warm and informative tour of their facility … what a wonderful place to work (way to go staff) and an even more relaxed place to “give blood” … it was an awe-inspiring tour as I looked at the decorations … the incredible pictures of past recipients … and … felt the warm atmosphere created by Dr Axelrod and his top notch staff … thank you to each of them for the wonderful job they do on a daily basis … you ROCK!

To each of the donor that I met today … you are HEROES … you are AWESOME … and do amazing things to help save blood recipient’s lives and with some warm, kind, generous attitudes!

Don’t forget the “giving blood saves live” … yet … it also “saves families” … as 3 of my children will confirm (if asked) since they were born after “the accident” …

I am so happy to be alive … and … to be able to associate with such incredible, kind, giving people … what an awe-inspiring segment of America you are … THANK YOU!

After the visit at LifeStream … came to “uninspiring” part of the day … driving on Hiway 101 up to San Luis Obispo.  Don’t get me wrong it was a beautiful drive along California’s awesome coast … yet I was stuck in Labor Day traffic … OUCH!

Yet  I made it and I’m now in San Luis Obispo in a beautiful, quaint INN … so all’s well … looking forward to meeting the UBS staff and donors at their Central Coast facility tomorrow!  Talk to you later!

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