Sunday, 5Sep10, San Luis Obispo, CA, UBS(United Blood Services) Central Coast

Today I was in San Luis Obispo, CA, at the United Blood Services Central Coast blood center having a enjoyable time being of service to the SLO community by greeting and thanking their blood donors … also¬†cycling with several of their local SLO cyclists!

Wow! I keep saying this … every day I think it can’t get any better … yet it does! Today I am in San Luis Obispo and at the UBS Central Coast Blood Center … what incredible staff they have here …¬†and their donors are beyond amazing … I love them!

I also want to say thank you to Vicki Finson(CEO), Mona, Janna, Paul, Mark, Martha, Chris, Ginger, and the rest of their amazing staff … a BIG thank you for all you do to save lives!

Today they coordinated a “donor appreciation” day … and a 10 mile bicycle ride with the local SLO cyclists … I was invited to ride along and it was a lot of fun … to be with cyclists who afterward … donated their time and their blood to help save lives … check out the pix on Facebook … I think you’ll agree that everyone was having a good time … giving back to their local SLO community.

Thank you to UBS and “thank you” to Chris … the TV reporter from Channel 12 News KCOY … for stopping by to do a story about promoting the awareness of the need for BLOOD.

Afterwards I drove down to Thousand Oaks … to spend the night here and then drive to San Diego first thing tomorrow morning … getting ready for their blood drive on Tuesday, 7Sep10.

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