Tuesday, 7Sep10, San Diego, CA, San Diego Blood Bank

 Today I was in San Diego at the SD Blood Bank … A special “thank you” for Ramona(CEO), Doc (CMO), Lynn, Jose, Nancy, Jenny, Larry(Volunteer Extraordnaire), and many other amazing staff, donors, and volunteers that I met today … each one of you our outstanding “heroes” in your community! Thank YOU!

It was a fun time and I want to thank the staff at SD Blood Bank who were so friendly and welcoming … you are AWESOME!

To Larry (the volunteer) you are an incredible man … an amazing volunteer and you made the stop in San Diego well worth it!  Larry Thank YOU!

Afterwards I drove from San Diego to Bakersfield … made it through all of the LA traffic with only a few “glitches”. 

Now here getting ready for a fun day tomorrow!

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