Wednesday, 8Sep10, Bakersfield, CA, Houchin Blood Center

Blood fact: “Blood centers often run short of types O and type B red blood cells, because there is no substitue for human blood.

On the way to Bakersfield from San Diego … as we crossed over the “Grapevine” Hwy … I did a phone radio interview with Ralph Bailey from KNZR in Bakersfield … it was a lot of fun.

Today I am in Bakersfield, CA, and it has been an awesome day meeting with Houchin Blood Centers incredible donors and staff. A big thank you to Gregg (CEO), Maureen, Mayor Hall, Bakersfield PD, Chief Williamson, and his motor squads.

It was a really nice surprise to look across the donor room and see a very familiar face, Mr. Greg Funk, a family friend, who grew up with my children and now lives in Bakersfield …  had moved up his donor date a couple of days so he could donate when I was visiting his blood center.  Therefore a special thank you to Greg … Thanks Greg, you are awesome … just like your mom and dad!

What a fun day!  We had a memorial bicycle ride with some local cyclists.  The local motorcycle officers were there and “escorted” us through some very heavy cross traffic.

First thing in the day, we also went to a radio interview at KERN radio  in their studio and had a blast talking with Scott Cox, radio 1180.

Then we met with Mayor Harvey Hall at the Brighthouse Amphitheatre on Riverwalk Park … then the cyclists rode on the KERN bike  path back to the Houchin blood centers with the motors squad escorting us!  Whoopee!  Check out the pix on Facebook!

Bakersfield COP, Greg Williamson … was present a the ceremony and spoke briefly … then Greg G (CEO) and myself were interviewed by the local TV stations and another local radio station.

I then spent the rest of the day … visiting with, greeting and thanking the local blood donors and blood center staff … (many of the donors were local police officers (a group of the Gang unit guys)  I was honored to be with each of them … Thanks!

Getting ready for tomorrow’s blood drive at the Naval Air Station in Lemoore, CA … and … when that is over … I’ll drive to Fresno to see their brand new donor center …

After that I’ll drive to Stockton to get ready for the Delta Blood Center’s blood drive the next day!

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