Thursday, 9Sep10, Lemoore NAS and Fresno, CA, Central CA blood centers

Blood fact: ” If all the current blood donors gave three times a year, blood shortages would be a rare event (the current average is about 2 times per year.)

Today I’m at Lemoore, CA, at the Lemoore Naval Air Station. (right at home with lots of Marines and Sailors who are donating blood.)

Afterwards Heidi drove to the new Jenny Eller Blood Center Bldg (her father is Dean Eller, the CEO), I followed Heidi to Fresno in my truck.

Thanks to Dean for the amazing history lesson about the blood center … and … for sharing the incredible story of his daughter, Jenny’s life and her struggle with leukemia … she was one amazing young lady!

To Jenny, Dean, Heidi, Chris, Karen, Cassie, Melanie, Robert, Frank, Patty, Ylda, Mao, Mia, and the rest of the amazing, incredible staff at Fresno, thank you for all that you do to save lives! Also to SSgt John Ecker, and Captain Soto … thank you to his Marines and Sailors … who gave blood today! You are awesome!  

After uploading the pix to Facebook … I then drove to Stockton … and checked in with Annie and ??? … and they took me out to dinner to a nice Italian restaurant across the street from the blood center.

Getting ready for another exciting day at the Delta blood center in Stockton.

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