24Jun12, Sunday, Yemassee, SC

Another great cycling day … this time we rode 51 miles to the KOA where we are staying for two nights. Everyone rode great today, especially Brytanny and JJ … they are getting so much stronger and starting to enjoy the longer rides.

A special “thank you” to John and Sheila (Miz Brenda’s friends) they were so gracious and hospitable, welcoming all of us into their house in Savannah, cooking for us, and even washing and drying some of our cycling gear.  We had a very nice visit with them and their beautiful little girl, Emmie, and their dog, Jesse.  John even rode with us part-way today.  What a neat couple!

We cycled over one of the largest bridges in Georgia today as we were leaving Savannah, and it sure let us know that it was the boss, even though we thought we were getting in shape.

Once again, we had great police escorts as we cycled through Savannah, Ridgeland, Hardeeville, and Jasper County … each of the deputies, and officers did a great job and were a credit to their agencies!  Thank you for your help!

Tonight and tomorrow night we are staying in the KOA here … the normal “catch up” stuff to do, laundry, fill up water tanks on the motorhome, empty the grey water and dark water, set up the tents, pump up the air mattresses, make a run to a grocery store, visit a fastfood restaurant, do all the shower type things and whatever bicycle maintenance that is required. (A big thank you to Jeff for that!)   Then Scott and Brenda will continue planning for the next two weeks of cycling routes, blood drives and visits to the Boys and Girls Clubs along the way.

Each of us are getting much stronger, as we start to cycle more each day, and more often.  Yet, it is very obvious as I watch the kids, JJ, Cody, Maya, and Brytanny cycle daily.  Yet, today was one of those days where J.J. and Brytanny seemed to have it all come together for them.  J.J. has always been a strong cyclist, yet, he just keeps getting stronger and faster.  However, Brytanny was a real surprise to all of us today … she was climbing like an experienced cyclist and seems to finally get it, and know where she needed to be to be at the front of the pack, on the climbs over the bridges, overpasses and hills.  It’s fun watching their “confidence” grow, yet, it’s also tough, because now I have to try to keep up with them!

It does my heart good to be reminded to start our day with a “team prayer” every day … because I know that some things are always “out of our hands” and we always need God’s help, therefore, we will continue to ask for guidance and protection, during this trip!

Talk to you tomorrow.

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