25Jun12, Monday, Yemassee, SC, and Ridgeland, SC, Jasper BGC

Today we went to visit the Ridgeland unit of the Jasper Boys and Girls Club. It was a blast, and the BAH team did a marvelous job in their blood awareness presentation!

It been raining on and off, all night, and all day … our plans to cycle to the BGC in Ridgeland were cancelled due to the anticipated storms.

Yet, it was amazing to see what Miz Brenda and Miz Terry’s counterparts in other BGC’s, are able to accomplish with a¬†fair amount of community support, and,¬†because of their love for the BGC kids! (if you get a chance, check out the pix, in the slideshow section of this page)

I was really happy that I had the chance to be with our BAH team and to see and learn more about the success stories of the local BGC’s!

That’s all for today …

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