26Jun12, Tuesday, Summerville, and Ladson, SC

Today started out as a day … that we were sure that was going to be a wet one. In fact, it was very misty when we finally started rolling … thank you to Deputy Rodgers, Sheriff Malone, and the Colleton County SO for all of their help today.

However, the misty day, turned into a cloudy, overcast day which was perfect for riding and we ended up with 54.5 miles on this day.

The kids were really strong today, all of them, yet, Maya had one of those exceptional day and seemed to be in the cycling groove … great job, Maya! (She doesn’t mind singing my special song with me, when we’re riding … “I’m happy, I’m enthusiastic, it’s gonna be a great day …”

We rode to Summerville where the kids did a blood awareness presentation at the local YMCA at the Ponds … they were a hit and the little kids loved them!

We met Debbie Flood (who works with Patrick M., of the ARC) who was very helpful and gracious to Scott and the rest of the crew … they had a blood drive going at the time, with a local reporter, Jim Tatum, who works for Summerville Journal Scene.

Lots of pix taken and already uploaded to the Be A Hero page at:


Well, we are now at the KOA in Ladson, SC.

Note:  As we cycled through Hendersonville, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was named after the family of our dear friends, the Hendersons?

Talk to your tomorrow … after we cycle to Cross, S.C.,

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