27Jun12, Wednesday, Ladson to Cross, SC, KOA

Wow! Another great cycling day … only 30 miles today, however, we had lots of sidewinds, so it seemed like we rode 60 miles.

A special “thank you” to our police escorts today, who are representatives of Berkeley County SO, this is written with much gratitude to Lt Caldwell, and Deputies Sealey and Ecker, who were awesome while bringing us to the Cross, SC, KOA safely.  We appreciate you, your Sheriff, and the service you provide to your community!

To Mz Brenda’s grandchildren, I took a picture today that proves that “Nana” is cycling with us, you can even see the “Nana” bike plate … check out the pix!

We are staying at the RV Lake Resort, in Cross, SC, owned by a dear couple, Sara and her hubby, they were very nice to us.

Scott treated us to lunch at the “Mack Daddy’s Restaurant” located on the Diversion Canal between Lakes Marion and Moultrie,  the food was great, and the scenery and views were spectacular!

Every one had a great time … I was able to take a picture of a “fillet’d Gator”, check it out on FB.

Also it was amazing to see ED, catch a huge catfish with his bare hands … check out the pix of that, and the pix of how a fish is fillet’d. (Not your average afternoon of cycling, Ed bought some fishing poles for the kids to go fishing later!)

All of the member of the BAH bike tour team want to say a big “thank you” to Stephanie and Dave Morgan, who loaned Scott and the Be A Hero Bike Tour, the use of their 38 foot motorhome for this trip. (without it, the daily and nightly stops would have been a lot more difficult!)

Also a special note of gratitude, to John Oblad, my www.lifeacrossamerica.com webmeister, who has been uploading my pix daily during this amazing journey.  Thank You, John!

Well, now thank we are all settled into our campsite … it’s time to do the dailies, shower, shave, clean the bikes, etc.

Which also reminds me … all of us need to express a note of extreme gratitude to Jeff, our “fix-it” guy, who not only fixes things on the motorhome, hooks up and disconnects the motorhome daily to electricity, sewer, water … and … then today, went through and cleaned all of our bikes and did the normal bike maintenance, like the chains, tires, etc.  “Thank You, Jeff, you are awesome!”

Well, it’s time to sign off for now … talk to you later!


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  1. Norm Penner Says:

    Please pass on my thanks, too to Jeff for his support of this trip. Preventative maintenance is a key for any trip and I appreciate his attention to this detail that keeps our kids safe.

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