28Jun12, Thursday, Cross KOA to Myrtle Beach, SC KOA

Another great cycling day of close to 40 miles … we were escorted first thing in the morning by Deputies Sealey and Eckert until we crossed over into Horry county SO’s territory and were picked up by Deputies Brosky and Frazier who escorted us in Myrtle Beach and to the ARC blood drive at the Mall.

 The KOA people have been extraordinary in their Customer Relations all along the way … and … that really helps after a day of cycling.

The ARC blood drive that we visited in Myrtle Beach in their Grand Mall, was very good, and hosted by Meg.  Lots of donors and very friendly to us.  I also bumped into an ARC technician who asked me where he knew me from and then mentioned that he used to work at the Rhode Island Blood Center a couple of years ago and asked me if I was the same Larry (with a big moustache) that had come through there … his name was, Paul Kowall, and when I said “yes”, with both had a pretty good laugh about it because he said he was sure he knew “me” but the clean face confused him!

Another amazing “tidbit” about this blood drive … Larry, with a pretty large family came out to donate blood together, and his son is attending U.C. Berkeley … we took a group picture with them … I will try to upload the picture later to FB.

This KOA is beautiful, however it is already dark here, so hopefully we will get to look around tomorrow.  (The showers are great … and … believe me, that’s really important after being on the road for over 2 weeks!)

I’ll check in with you tomorrow …

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  1. Adella Says:

    Hey daddio, Just checking in… I love following your blog! :) Thanks for giving us the details, I love reading it. ha ha…I love the part about the clean-shaven larry vs. the big mustache larry. :)

  2. Norm Penner Says:

    Larry – I leave Sunday to meet you and gang at my son’s home in New Bern, NC. Thanks for taking the time to write each day – it has been great to follow your trip. Norm

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