29Jun12, Friday, Myrtle Beach KOA to Conway, back to MB

First, I want to thank those of you, who have made “comments” to this blog, it is much appreciated and to get some feedback.

First thing this morning … Scott, Ed, and myself went to the KOA laundrey room to do our much needed laundrey. (A good indicator is when your cycling jerseys or shorts start to stand up by themselves without a hangar, it’s probably a good time to catch up our your laundrey, eh?)

¬†Well, today was one of those days … beautiful, sunny, rainless, days to cycle … we rode about 32 mile from the KOA in MB, to a BGC blood awareness presentation at the Salvation Army in Conway, then we cycled back to MB to a blood drive at a local auto body shop, then we cycled back the the MB KOA … and … then everyone went swimming.

Do you want to know why everyone wanted to go swimming?  Well, it was 95 degrees in the shade and then when you add another 10 degrees of heat rising from the black asphalt highway, it makes for a very hot cycling day and a real change of pace for all of us.

We met some really amazing people today … Brenda from the Salvation Army BGC, Meggin from the local ARC blood drive, and Patrick M from the SC ARC region, and many others that I can’t remember their names … yet, they were awesome!

Once again, our police escorts, Deputies Frazier and Brosky were amazing, and they were very professional in escorting us safely to our destinations, and they will be back tomorrow early to escort us to the North Carolina state line.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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