3Jul12, Tuesday, New Bern, NC

Wow! 44.5 miles today … a great day to cycle. And we got an early start which helped a lot. Once again, we had great police escorts (thanks to Brenda’s hard work in contacting and scheduling) with all the different police agencies in the area!

We finally made it to Norm’s son house in New Bern … (thank you to Scott for his service to our country and his 17 years in the USMC)  We will be here tonight and tomorrow night … so we will be spending the 4th of July here.  This afternoon, we are supposed to go to the Marine Corps pool on base, that should be fun and bring back some USMC memories for me …

We missed Terri today … she went to visit with her daughter who is nearby and should be back tomorrow or the next day.

So Norm … drove the BGC van for her and his son Scott … came along for the ride.

Many thanks to Onslow County SO and their deputy Jason Straughm and the Craven County SO and their LT and their deputies for the safe escorts across their counties yesterday and today!

Once again, it’s very hot and we’re trying to stay cool.

Talk to you later…

Wow! What a neat afternoon for me … I had the opportunity to visit with everyone else the MCAS Cherry Point NC base pool and then afterwards a “drive through” tour of the base … personally it took me back to my memories of the Marine Corps and especially my tour on Okinawa at the MCAS Futema … what great memories … a special thanks to Norm and his son and their family for allowing us to spend some time with them.  Plus we get to spend the 4th of July with his family … I want to thank “Scott” for his service to our country … what a great example you are to your family and the rest of us!

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