4Jul12, Wednesday, New Bern, NC

Today is a “day of gratitude” on the Independence of our country, gratefulness for each and every one of our armed forces, military, civilians, and those who have done everything they can to help us achieve the freedoms and liberties that we now enjoy! Thank you to the “active duty” military, the retired military who are still at it … protecting us and our children’s freedoms against “all enemies, domestic or foreign …”  I am personally grateful to each one of you and want to say “thank you for your service.”

We are still in New Bern, NC, staying with the Penner family … who have been so gracious with their NC hospitality … this afternoon will be an incredible NC barbeque with “Baby-back ribs and Country ribs” with all the fixin’s and trimmins … which leads into thanking the Penner family, Norm, Jan and Scott and all the kids for taking care of the “Be A Hero Bike Tour 2012″ team for two days.  THANK YOU!

Later this evening we will attend the 4th of July fireworks celebration in downtown New Bern, over the river area.

Thanks to Scott P for letting an old Marine, relive the days of packing with full “battle gear” … and … the pix to prove it!

This afternoon, Norm, Scott P., Cody, Ed and Scott V. went golfing and had a great time.

Talk to you later.

Well, the baby-back ribs prepared and cooked by Scott P, were some of the best ribs I’ve ever had … they were wonderful, along with the corn on the cob, and the baked beans, yummy!

Then we drove to downtown historic New Bern for a drive through tour, so I could take some pix of the old historic homes.  Then we parked over by the river and watched the fireworks display and I was able to get quite a few pix of the fireworks … so it was quite a day, long and hot … yet, delightfully traditional with the Penner family and the BAH team family.  Soon it will be over and we’ll all be back to our normal lives … it’s been one heck of an experience so far and much more to come.

Tomorrow we’ll be off to Washington …

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