6Jul12, Friday, Winton, N.C.

The day started out with a front tire “flat”, luckily it happened over night and not on the road, the tube nozzle had a big tear in it … with Jeff’s help, and a new tube … I was on the road within a few minutes.

A beautiful 34 mile ride today. We started early enough that is wasn’t too hot, yet plenty warm.  We cycled through some beautiful farmland, with crops of corn, etc.

Thank you to our escorts from Bertie County SO (pronounced Ber-TEE)  Sgt Harmon ,Corporal Perry,  who did a marvelous job of handing us off to Deputy Cofield of Hertford County SO (see pix).

Everyone seemed to have a good time, especially since we know we only have 5 cycling days left, before we cycle into Washington D.C. from Mt. Vernon on Wednesday, the 11th!

It was the first time we’ve eaten lunch at “Bojangles” restaurant … no complaints and I think most of us survived.

Well, that’s about it for now …

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