7Jul12, Saturday, Suffolk, VA

Today was another 33 mile ride through the beautiful countryside, and, because we started fairly early it didn’t get as hot as it could have, later in the afternoon.

We ate lunch at Chick-fil-A, and took some great pix there.

Also a special thank you to Capt Parker and Sheriff Webb for their help in escorting us today.

We’ve been so lucky with great escorts, almost every day.

 We made a stop at the BGC of Southeast Virginia today, and, JJ, Cody, Maya, and Brytanny did a wonderful job in the blood awareness presentation.

The local newspaper reporter RES was there, from the Suffolk News Herald, and did a great interview with Mz Brenda and Mr. Scott …  all in all, it was a great day and the presentation helped all of us remember why we were doing what we’re doing!

After that we went to Mr. Dan’s cousin, Ed Fiscella’s house … and, that is where we’re staying tonight and tomorrow night.

They took the kids and us to the pool, and where we could get a bite to it.  They live in a very beautiful area, very peaceful, with a waterfront view.  Lots of curbside appeal, if you know what I mean?

I would like to thank Ed and Laura for their incredible hospitality and willingness to take some complete strangers into their home.  Again, the friends of the Be A Hero bike tour team leaders have been awesome to us.  A great big thank you to all of them!

That’s about all for now … a beautiful and safe cycling day completed!


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  1. Jan Penner Says:

    Love following your progress. We are all so proud and can’t wait to hear about your meeting with the Surgeon General. Happy spinning! Be safe.

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