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3Jul12, Tuesday, New Bern, NC

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Wow! 44.5 miles today … a great day to cycle. And we got an early start which helped a lot. Once again, we had great police escorts (thanks to Brenda’s hard work in contacting and scheduling) with all the different police agencies in the area!

We finally made it to Norm’s son house in New Bern … (thank you to Scott for his service to our country and his 17 years in the USMC)  We will be here tonight and tomorrow night … so we will be spending the 4th of July here.  This afternoon, we are supposed to go to the Marine Corps pool on base, that should be fun and bring back some USMC memories for me …

We missed Terri today … she went to visit with her daughter who is nearby and should be back tomorrow or the next day.

So Norm … drove the BGC van for her and his son Scott … came along for the ride.

Many thanks to Onslow County SO and their deputy Jason Straughm and the Craven County SO and their LT and their deputies for the safe escorts across their counties yesterday and today!

Once again, it’s very hot and we’re trying to stay cool.

Talk to you later…

Wow! What a neat afternoon for me … I had the opportunity to visit with everyone else the MCAS Cherry Point NC base pool and then afterwards a “drive through” tour of the base … personally it took me back to my memories of the Marine Corps and especially my tour on Okinawa at the MCAS Futema … what great memories … a special thanks to Norm and his son and their family for allowing us to spend some time with them.  Plus we get to spend the 4th of July with his family … I want to thank “Scott” for his service to our country … what a great example you are to your family and the rest of us!

2Jul12, Monday, Jacksonville, NC

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

We made it to Jacksonville, NC, OK

After 39 miles and with great police escorts we made it safely.

My Wifi is not working correcting, so I’m trying to do this on my I-phone

I spent all last night trying to get the internet to work correctly, but Verizon kept saying that they were having “activation” problems because of the East Coast storms, so no luck.

Hopefully it will be better in New Bern tomorrow.  Talk to you tomorrow.

1Jul12, Sunday, Shallotte,NC, to Wilmington, NC

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Wow! Another really hot day today … (only about 99 degrees) and only about 32 miles of cycling … lots of stops for water and rest … and, even then, it was still difficult to stay “cool”.

Even working on the laptop in the motorhome, with the A/C working is still really hot!

So I’ll talk to you tomorrow … Whew!

30Jun12, Saturday, Myrtle Beach, SC, to Shallotte, NC

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Wow! Another amazing day of cycling … 40 miles in some of the hottest weather we have encountered so far on this trip … according to Brenda’s on board bike computer, it was 119.7 degrees on the highway. (see FB pic)

I want to compliment our young BGC St Lucie Cty, FL, team members, who cycled today without even a murmur … even, in such extreme weather conditions. [of course, we stopped often for rest breaks, water breaks, and "cool off" breaks to make sure everyone (including the adults) were well hydrated!]

We got some great pictures today … if you get a chance, share them with your friends, if they are on FB or at this link:

We finally made it to the Brunswick Beaches Camp Resort, about 8 miles outside of Shallotte, NC, and the main request today was that it had to have a pool!

I would like to thank our police escorts today… they were from Sheriff Ingram’s Brunswick County SO, and a real credit to their department and their community:

Sgt. Kevin Long, Cpl. Chris Raynor, Deputy Matt Chism, Deputy Jeremy Ferguson and Sheriff John Ingram for his deputies community relations attitude and their professional demeanor.

Thank you and until we meet again … “Stay safe out there!”

Well, it’s about time to do the daily maintenance and upkeep of the body … shower, shave, eat, and relax!

Talk to you tomorrow!





29Jun12, Friday, Myrtle Beach KOA to Conway, back to MB

Friday, June 29th, 2012

First, I want to thank those of you, who have made “comments” to this blog, it is much appreciated and to get some feedback.

First thing this morning … Scott, Ed, and myself went to the KOA laundrey room to do our much needed laundrey. (A good indicator is when your cycling jerseys or shorts start to stand up by themselves without a hangar, it’s probably a good time to catch up our your laundrey, eh?)

 Well, today was one of those days … beautiful, sunny, rainless, days to cycle … we rode about 32 mile from the KOA in MB, to a BGC blood awareness presentation at the Salvation Army in Conway, then we cycled back to MB to a blood drive at a local auto body shop, then we cycled back the the MB KOA … and … then everyone went swimming.

Do you want to know why everyone wanted to go swimming?  Well, it was 95 degrees in the shade and then when you add another 10 degrees of heat rising from the black asphalt highway, it makes for a very hot cycling day and a real change of pace for all of us.

We met some really amazing people today … Brenda from the Salvation Army BGC, Meggin from the local ARC blood drive, and Patrick M from the SC ARC region, and many others that I can’t remember their names … yet, they were awesome!

Once again, our police escorts, Deputies Frazier and Brosky were amazing, and they were very professional in escorting us safely to our destinations, and they will be back tomorrow early to escort us to the North Carolina state line.

Talk to you tomorrow.

28Jun12, Thursday, Cross KOA to Myrtle Beach, SC KOA

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Another great cycling day of close to 40 miles … we were escorted first thing in the morning by Deputies Sealey and Eckert until we crossed over into Horry county SO’s territory and were picked up by Deputies Brosky and Frazier who escorted us in Myrtle Beach and to the ARC blood drive at the Mall.

 The KOA people have been extraordinary in their Customer Relations all along the way … and … that really helps after a day of cycling.

The ARC blood drive that we visited in Myrtle Beach in their Grand Mall, was very good, and hosted by Meg.  Lots of donors and very friendly to us.  I also bumped into an ARC technician who asked me where he knew me from and then mentioned that he used to work at the Rhode Island Blood Center a couple of years ago and asked me if I was the same Larry (with a big moustache) that had come through there … his name was, Paul Kowall, and when I said “yes”, with both had a pretty good laugh about it because he said he was sure he knew “me” but the clean face confused him!

Another amazing “tidbit” about this blood drive … Larry, with a pretty large family came out to donate blood together, and his son is attending U.C. Berkeley … we took a group picture with them … I will try to upload the picture later to FB.

This KOA is beautiful, however it is already dark here, so hopefully we will get to look around tomorrow.  (The showers are great … and … believe me, that’s really important after being on the road for over 2 weeks!)

I’ll check in with you tomorrow …

27Jun12, Wednesday, Ladson to Cross, SC, KOA

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Wow! Another great cycling day … only 30 miles today, however, we had lots of sidewinds, so it seemed like we rode 60 miles.

A special “thank you” to our police escorts today, who are representatives of Berkeley County SO, this is written with much gratitude to Lt Caldwell, and Deputies Sealey and Ecker, who were awesome while bringing us to the Cross, SC, KOA safely.  We appreciate you, your Sheriff, and the service you provide to your community!

To Mz Brenda’s grandchildren, I took a picture today that proves that “Nana” is cycling with us, you can even see the “Nana” bike plate … check out the pix!

We are staying at the RV Lake Resort, in Cross, SC, owned by a dear couple, Sara and her hubby, they were very nice to us.

Scott treated us to lunch at the “Mack Daddy’s Restaurant” located on the Diversion Canal between Lakes Marion and Moultrie,  the food was great, and the scenery and views were spectacular!

Every one had a great time … I was able to take a picture of a “fillet’d Gator”, check it out on FB.

Also it was amazing to see ED, catch a huge catfish with his bare hands … check out the pix of that, and the pix of how a fish is fillet’d. (Not your average afternoon of cycling, Ed bought some fishing poles for the kids to go fishing later!)

All of the member of the BAH bike tour team want to say a big “thank you” to Stephanie and Dave Morgan, who loaned Scott and the Be A Hero Bike Tour, the use of their 38 foot motorhome for this trip. (without it, the daily and nightly stops would have been a lot more difficult!)

Also a special note of gratitude, to John Oblad, my webmeister, who has been uploading my pix daily during this amazing journey.  Thank You, John!

Well, now thank we are all settled into our campsite … it’s time to do the dailies, shower, shave, clean the bikes, etc.

Which also reminds me … all of us need to express a note of extreme gratitude to Jeff, our “fix-it” guy, who not only fixes things on the motorhome, hooks up and disconnects the motorhome daily to electricity, sewer, water … and … then today, went through and cleaned all of our bikes and did the normal bike maintenance, like the chains, tires, etc.  “Thank You, Jeff, you are awesome!”

Well, it’s time to sign off for now … talk to you later!


26Jun12, Tuesday, Summerville, and Ladson, SC

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Today started out as a day … that we were sure that was going to be a wet one. In fact, it was very misty when we finally started rolling … thank you to Deputy Rodgers, Sheriff Malone, and the Colleton County SO for all of their help today.

However, the misty day, turned into a cloudy, overcast day which was perfect for riding and we ended up with 54.5 miles on this day.

The kids were really strong today, all of them, yet, Maya had one of those exceptional day and seemed to be in the cycling groove … great job, Maya! (She doesn’t mind singing my special song with me, when we’re riding … “I’m happy, I’m enthusiastic, it’s gonna be a great day …”

We rode to Summerville where the kids did a blood awareness presentation at the local YMCA at the Ponds … they were a hit and the little kids loved them!

We met Debbie Flood (who works with Patrick M., of the ARC) who was very helpful and gracious to Scott and the rest of the crew … they had a blood drive going at the time, with a local reporter, Jim Tatum, who works for Summerville Journal Scene.

Lots of pix taken and already uploaded to the Be A Hero page at:

Well, we are now at the KOA in Ladson, SC.

Note:  As we cycled through Hendersonville, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was named after the family of our dear friends, the Hendersons?

Talk to your tomorrow … after we cycle to Cross, S.C.,

25Jun12, Monday, Yemassee, SC, and Ridgeland, SC, Jasper BGC

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Today we went to visit the Ridgeland unit of the Jasper Boys and Girls Club. It was a blast, and the BAH team did a marvelous job in their blood awareness presentation!

It been raining on and off, all night, and all day … our plans to cycle to the BGC in Ridgeland were cancelled due to the anticipated storms.

Yet, it was amazing to see what Miz Brenda and Miz Terry’s counterparts in other BGC’s, are able to accomplish with a fair amount of community support, and, because of their love for the BGC kids! (if you get a chance, check out the pix, in the slideshow section of this page)

I was really happy that I had the chance to be with our BAH team and to see and learn more about the success stories of the local BGC’s!

That’s all for today …

24Jun12, Sunday, Yemassee, SC

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Another great cycling day … this time we rode 51 miles to the KOA where we are staying for two nights. Everyone rode great today, especially Brytanny and JJ … they are getting so much stronger and starting to enjoy the longer rides.

A special “thank you” to John and Sheila (Miz Brenda’s friends) they were so gracious and hospitable, welcoming all of us into their house in Savannah, cooking for us, and even washing and drying some of our cycling gear.  We had a very nice visit with them and their beautiful little girl, Emmie, and their dog, Jesse.  John even rode with us part-way today.  What a neat couple!

We cycled over one of the largest bridges in Georgia today as we were leaving Savannah, and it sure let us know that it was the boss, even though we thought we were getting in shape.

Once again, we had great police escorts as we cycled through Savannah, Ridgeland, Hardeeville, and Jasper County … each of the deputies, and officers did a great job and were a credit to their agencies!  Thank you for your help!

Tonight and tomorrow night we are staying in the KOA here … the normal “catch up” stuff to do, laundry, fill up water tanks on the motorhome, empty the grey water and dark water, set up the tents, pump up the air mattresses, make a run to a grocery store, visit a fastfood restaurant, do all the shower type things and whatever bicycle maintenance that is required. (A big thank you to Jeff for that!)   Then Scott and Brenda will continue planning for the next two weeks of cycling routes, blood drives and visits to the Boys and Girls Clubs along the way.

Each of us are getting much stronger, as we start to cycle more each day, and more often.  Yet, it is very obvious as I watch the kids, JJ, Cody, Maya, and Brytanny cycle daily.  Yet, today was one of those days where J.J. and Brytanny seemed to have it all come together for them.  J.J. has always been a strong cyclist, yet, he just keeps getting stronger and faster.  However, Brytanny was a real surprise to all of us today … she was climbing like an experienced cyclist and seems to finally get it, and know where she needed to be to be at the front of the pack, on the climbs over the bridges, overpasses and hills.  It’s fun watching their “confidence” grow, yet, it’s also tough, because now I have to try to keep up with them!

It does my heart good to be reminded to start our day with a “team prayer” every day … because I know that some things are always “out of our hands” and we always need God’s help, therefore, we will continue to ask for guidance and protection, during this trip!

Talk to you tomorrow.